Where Do Buyers Come From?

Where Do Buyers Come From?

Where DO buyers come from? If you have been a home seller over the last few years, you KNOW that selling real estate is not the cakewalk it seemed like during the boom. Today’s real estate market is a landmine of low inventory, difficult financing, and a wary public, just dipping a toe back into the real estate market.

I have been a successful Realtor for many years and I am here to tell you, buyers only come from two places, the internet, and other Realtors! But wait, you hear about all that print marketing, yard signs, newspaper ads, etc. HOW can buyers be so single-minded? As a seller, it is easy to get a sell, sell, sell mentality that makes you think that what used to be effective might still be a way to make a sale. Speaking from the trenches, we know that having a strong internet presence and a great relationship with other Realtors is our best way to market and get a home sold!

As you can see from the chart of “Where Buyers Come From” put out in a survey by NAR (the National Association of Realtors) who tracks these things closely, about 75% of all buyers come from either real estate agents or the internet.


So one of the first question we always get asked is “does that mean you are going to list AND sell our home?” Well, sometimes that is the case, but generally, an agent from another company or office will be the one to bring the buyer who will ultimately purchase your house. With that in mind, we foster relationships with other agents in many ways, including teaching them how to market and sell houses (that’s right! John Dietz, our team owner is actively teaching ways to prospect and lead generate to other agents). The relationships that are formed when John helps other agents are vital to making our listings shine!

Another way we are connected to agents and buyers is by having a large inventory of homes for sale. That means that when a buyer or agent calls about a possible home that might be a fit but turns out not to work, we can cross sell other properties we have listed that are similar. Even though yard signs are number three on the list, they are still a great way to get buyers into the system and looking at your home!

So you may be asking yourself, “does that mean you are going to give MY buyer away to one of your other listings?” ABSOLUTELY NOT! But there are times when they are looking for something different than what a home offers – it could be in the wrong area, have smaller bedrooms then they need, have a main floor master when they were looking to have everyone on the same floor or a million other variables that we see every day! We ALWAYS try to sell them on the house they call on but sometimes it is not a great fit.

Additionally, we are dedicated to using the internet as a sales tool. We KNOW that having a strong presence is vital so we are in all the traditional media like Realtor.com, a website, and our company page. But in addition, we have a blog (you are reading it now!), social media like Facebook, Twitter and the new guy on the block, Pinterest.

It is a combination of all these outlets that make a Realtor a success in getting your home sold! Please do not hesitate to call if you have any questions about what it takes to find a buyer or just to talk about possible techniques that might work for your home sale!