Should We Get a Home Inspection BEFORE Listing Our House

Should We Get a Home Inspection BEFORE Listing Our House

You’ve decided to sell your home. Most homeowners don’t think about a home inspection unless they are the buyer. Getting a home inspection of your home before listing it is actually a good idea.

Most people don’t think about getting a home inspection before listing as a seller, unless it’s to put it as a contingency in a sales contract. But having a home inspection before listing your home is a great idea for several reasons. First, it’s a BRILLIANT way to reassure prospective buyers.

Many of the things that a home inspection will find aren’t easily seen when looking at a home. Providing a pre-inspection assures the buyer that there is nothing major that needs fixing. It will give you credibility and transparency as a seller.

Second, many times home inspection reports come with boilerplate recommendations that can cost you thousands. A bad light switch, which could be replaced by any reputable handyman, will now have to be replaced by “a licensed electrical contractor”. That washer that leaks on the faucet, now repaired by a “licensed plumber”. These are all items that do not require a licensed contractor to fix safely but maybe in that boilerplate that the inspection companies use to cover their tails.

Third, even new or newly renovated homes can have issues. A home inspection will likely find them before you are in a situation where a contract for sale is at stake. Then you can decide if they are “deal breakers” and fix them.

It also means that you are sure that you fixed the real problems. You might be handy, but are you sure you know what the problem really is? A home inspection means getting to the real problems and keeps you from wasting money on unnecessary repairs. For example, your furnace keeps cutting off. You think it’s a problem with the igniter and replace it. Later the inspector finds that it’s a much larger problem with the entire heating system meaning it’s a much bigger repair.

While you may already have set your selling price, having a home inspection will let you know if it is going to “stick.” An inspection before listing will tell you if those fixes mean you will be forced to drop your price during negotiations if a major problem is uncovered. Fix them and there is no worry, leave them and take your chances, or adjust your price expectation before listing.

So get that home inspection before listing, it will pay off in the end! We have a list of Palm Harbor and Clearwater home inspectors who we have used in the past and who do a great job! If you are considering listing your home, please give us a call and we will be happy to make sure you get taken care of by reputable companies.