How to Stage Your Home to Sell – Having Kids is Not an Excuse

How to Stage Your Home to Sell – Having Kids is Not an Excuse

What is one of our top Tampa and Clearwater real estate tips? Getting ready to sell for top dollar by staging it to look its best! You hear that all the time and it’s true. But many realtors get pushback from families with children. Here’s why having kids isn’t an excuse.

There are a lot of things you can do to stage your home. Stage your home on the outside as well as the inside. Check and make sure to have great curb appeal. Spruce up your landscaping, paint, clean and neaten up. If it’s the holiday time of year, make your home look understated but festive. Declutter the pool area if you have one. Make the entrance to your home warm and inviting (and that does not include toys or bikes in the yard!)

Inside, declutter, declutter, declutter. If you’re selling, you’re planning on moving, so pack up anything that isn’t essential. Rooms and closets should look spacious. Leave only what you will need to live for the 30 or so days that it should take to sell your home. That means those family photos come down. Look for chipped paint, nail holes and other defects that make rooms look shabby and fix them. Declutter every room including the laundry room and pantry. Declutter the garage as well.

Decluttering can be hard on kids. Putting away their favorite toys is not an option, BUT if they have hundreds of favorites you need to establish a priority as to what is kept out. We have kids and know how had it is to keep a home clean, BUT just because we have kids, it doesn’t mean we want to see kid’s messes when touring a home to buy. When you are showing your home, you should be selling a perfect life (one that includes flawless spotless rooms and toys neatly arranged).

Kids are hard on houses so make sure to spruce up their oops-es. Touch up paint, fill in holes and fix any peeling wallpaper. Make sure cabinets work, line up right, have all their hardware and any electrical or plumbing problems are tended to. Mostly clean everything, ceiling to floor, under furniture, in closets, behind doors, everywhere. Buyers look everywhere. When you stage your home it will show as neat and clean. Make sure to keep it that way, even with kids, till you sell your home.

Kid’s rooms and playrooms should be straightened up; toys thinned out and kept that way. A child’s room can look like one, but bold colors should be toned down. Baby’s rooms should also be decluttered. “Themes” in kids or babies rooms should be removed and a neutral color put in its place. That hand painted mural may be art to you, but it could be a turn off to a potential buyer. Take a picture of it to remember it by, and then paint over it.

In what is becoming a tougher sales market, if you stage your home it can make the difference between selling for your asking price, and not be selling your home at all!

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